Longstone Cottage


Oil. 40insx30ins. Sold.

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  1. malcolm smith says:

    Wonderfully evocative landscapes, really tug at the heart of an Islander living in Durham. I love the bleached out late summer colours, and the way you have captured the contours.

    I’d be interested to ask prices but don’t know the etiquette of finding out. This one, for example, which I see is rather big, or the smaller Snow DItch pieces.

    Many thanks, Malcolm.

  2. martin says:

    Hello Malcolm Smith,
    Thank you for your kind comments – always appreciated by vain artists.
    As for asking about prices, there is no etiquette as such. My advise is “just ask”.
    As for the price of my paintings about which you asked, Longstone Cottage is £600 and the Snow Ditch Crow is £250 (the other Snow Ditch has sold). Longstone Cottage is due to go into an exhibition at the end of the month and is already in the catalogue. If you are interested, I can see if I can reserve it for you. Pre-exhibition sales are fairly common these days. Otherwise, it will be available after the exhibition, if it doesn’t sell.
    Let me know what you think.

    Thank you again for your comments.


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