Hello, I’m Martin Swan.

Welcome to my website. I hope you will find it enjoyable and interesting.

The site has been designed by my nephew, Matthew – a handsome young man now living in Australia and married to a nice Australian girl called Jo. He has provided me with an administration system sufficiently simple for a Neanderthal of my caliber to operate. Thus I am able to change the content of the site without bothering him. What I can’t do is alter the fundamentals, change the look of the thing or delete certain features I no longer like, or re-arrange others. For instance, I would like to have the archive section on the homepage, but I don’t know how to move it there. So it remains largely out of sight, available only via  the “Select a Category” button (top RHS). I’m waiting for him to visit me and introduce me to the fundamentals.

Update May 2013.

He has visited and we didn’t talk about the website and so the fundamentals remain the same.

I have just added a  Commissions section. This is to highlight the fact that I willingly undertake commissions, should anyone ask me. Most subjects considered, in any painting medium. I can be contacted about this via the Homepage.  As I don’t normally photograph these works there are only three paintings to show.  Latest update – there are now four pictures in this section following a commission from a firm of London lawyers. See “Siam”.

Update Febuary 2014

“I’m also up for a commission from the Sultanate of Oman. This is yet to be confirmed, but if it does come my way, it will be for two large oil paintings of traditional Omani boats. This will keep me busy in April.”

This quote from my  update of one year ago (Feb 2013). I did get the commission, but not until July. The material didn’t arrive until November. Various other delays meant that I didn’t actually start the paintings until the end of January. A month later, though, and they’re coming along nicely and should be finished before keeping me busy THIS April.

Update December 2014.

The Omani paintings were duly finished, dispatched and accepted, most gratifyingly, without revision. And I really enjoyed painting them.

Changes to the website.

I’ve taken the Commissions category off. I’m still undertaking commissions, but there were too many categories and something had to go. For the same reason I also scrapped the Gallery, leaving Recent Paintings to display current work. I’ve now reversed this. Recent Paintings is off;  the Gallery is back on.  Now, though, paintings that are still available are priced, as in a gallery.  Should anyone wish to buy a painting, contact me through the home page and we can arrange payment (paypal) and delivery. There is an obvious advantage to buying directly from the artist. You don’t pay the gallery commission, which can be as much as 45 or 50 percent.

Update November 2015.

Its been a while. I’m still painting, have been doing a lot of small landscapes lately, together with some preparatory sketches of paintings for The Flint Gallery, which is in Blakeney, on the north Norfolk coast. Interestingly, the gallery wants abstracts. Which is good, because I like to paint abstracts. Indeed, I tutored a workshop at The Mall Galleries in October, entitled “Toward Abstraction in Marine Art.”

Something else unusual happened at The Mall Galleries in October. I was elected Vice-President of the RSMA. Funny how things turn out.

More later.

6 Responses to “Greetings”

  1. Deryk Simpson says:

    I do not know if you remenber me but we were in the same class at Carisbrooke Grammar School in the 1960s. I left the IoW in 1969 to go to university and I have not lived there full time since. However I come back every year for a holiday. I introduced my family to the IoW and they love it. I saw an exhibition of your paintings at the Quay Arts Centre in Newport in April this year. I thought you had captured the essence of the IoW superbly in your paintings. It is good to hear what old school mates are doing these days.
    Deryk Simpson (late of Whitesmith Road Newport and Carisbrooke Grammar School)

  2. Barbara Thomas says:

    I remember a friend of mine’s husband , surname Mackrill, I think was also commisioned by the sultan to paint 6 large marine water colour paintings. He subsequently became very well known internationally. Some 15 years ago I think, though. Lived at Bembridge at the time, wife called Bryony. Good luck with the commission.

  3. Martin, I have been a fan for longer than you know! My darling brother Anthony loved your work and gave me my first original ‘Martin Swan’ longer ago than I care to remember! My little brother, Dom, has also been a fan for as long as either of us can remember.

    Glad to read your news and happy that all is well with you and yours. Blessings there – as Anthony always wrote…

  4. Melvyn Matthews says:

    Hello Martin, I also was at Carisbrooke Grammar School until 1960 when I left to go to university. We lived in Wootton. and my family are still on the Island. Some years ago I bought one of your watercolours in Newport – of Britannia and Shamrock (I think – owned by Lord Singer) racing off the needles with a paddle steamer (?Waverley) in the background looking towards St Catherine’s point. I corresponded with you at the time and you said there was a companion watercolour to this one. Do you know if there is a print of the companion piece – or even the original – available?
    Would be good to hear from you.
    Do you still live on the Island?
    Melvyn Matthews

  5. martin says:

    Hello Melvyn Matthews,
    Thank you for your email. I do still live on the Island, in Newport, not far from where I grew up in Trafalgar Rd.
    I can’t honestly remember a companion piece to the painting you mentioned of Shamrock and Britannia racing off the Needles, unless it was the one of the 1927 “Round the Island” race for big class yachts, which featured Britannia with Westward off the Needles with Lulworth, White Heather and Shamrock disappearing into the distance. This was sold a long time ago. However, it just so happens that I’m working on the same subject at the moment – a large-ish oil painting (36insx18ins), which is going into the RSMA exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London next month, if I can get it finished.
    If you are interested, I can send you an invitation to the private view, which will be on Tuesday Oct. 15th.
    Let me know.


  6. Sharon Crawford says:

    Hi Melvyn and Martin
    We believe we have this sister watercolour. We purchased it from Bembridge Art Gallery in March 2004 just as we moved to the Island. On our receipt it says Lolworth and Shamrock racing and has Waverley in the background but the lighthouse is red and white.

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